Advanced Concrete Screeds

Logo, Identity, Branding Design


Advanced Concrete Screeds are built to provide the exceptional performance required by professional concrete contractors.


Logo Design



Case Study


Advanced Concrete Screeds reached out to me after they purchased Advanced Concrete Tools. Tools had diminished their reputation over the years. To add to it, Tools’ logo did not even fit on their products. So how do you design a new story without losing the elements that got you there?

The original logo carried a bad reputation – a great example of how a brand identity influences customer behavior. So, a complete reset was the right option for the client. The challenge would be to create a logo that fits well on the very wide and short screeds, while conveying strength, and symbolism at the same time. 

The result was a logo that symbolizes the strong and tough reputation of their screeds. Plus the logo mark itself has some intentional built-in meaning behind it. The letter A represents the proprietary equilateral screed bar, and the letter C and S represent concrete that is being smoothed out that is shown to the left of the letter A. The result has been a large increase in sales, and an authentic logo with symbolism to back it up.

Product Labels


The product labels are rounded to avoid any corners from peeling while the screeds are in use.


The product labels on the handles are designed to convey the strength and durability of the screeds.