Quality Paws

UX/UI Design, User Research, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Quality Paws is a Denver-based pet supply shop that sells top-quality pet food, pet CBD/Hemp treatments, and toys for cats and dogs, but their website doesn’t reflect this.



The Goals

The new Quality Paws website needs a way for customers to:

  1. Order pet supplies online for delivery or in-store pickup

  2. Learn details about a product before purchase

  3. Change a monthly subscription without going to the store



My Approach


User Interviews
Competitive Analysis
Contextual Inquiry
Business Owner Interview
Employee Interviews
Card Sorting
Affinity Mapping
Prototype Testing


User Interview Insights

  • Unique items like CBD/Hemp Treatment are very important to customers

  • Employee knowledge separates Quality Paws from competitors

  • A curated shopping experience is important to customers



Our Customers

Survey data and feedback from interviews suggested that common event goers fall into two categories.


Rachel, The Neighborhood Local

Rachel is 26 and just moved from Austin, TX to West Wash Park with her dog Boba Fetch. She prefers to walk most places with her dog, and now that it’s winter Boba’s skin has become very itchy and dry. Having worked at Whole Foods in Austin, she knows how important natural ingredients are and wants to treat her dog’s symptoms naturally, and support local businesses at the same time.

Rachel wants a holistic way to treat her dog’s itchy and dry skin and would also love to know the ingredients contained in the product. She needs her dog’s issue treated right away and doesn’t want to go shopping because Boba is scared of public places.

“Now that it’s winter, my dog’s skin is getting itchy and dry and I need a natural way to treat it”


Brent, The Busy Denverite

Brent is 38 and from Newark, NJ and has lived in Cherry Creek, Denver for 5 years now. He loves playing mouse with his cat Fuzz Aldrin. Unfortunately Fuzz recently got diagnosed with cancer and his vet recommended that he switch cat foods to prevent Fuzz from getting sick. Brent already uses the monthly subscription service at Quality Paws, but needs to switch his cat’s food brand.

Brent needs an easy and fast way to change his cat’s food brand that he gets through a Quality Paws monthly subscription. He is out of town and unable to go to the store to change it in person and wants to make the update right away.

“My cat has cancer and the vet recommended that we switch our monthly food service to a particular brand that won’t make him sick”




Home Screen Iteration

The first home-screen iteration had too many icons and lacked brand colors. The icons also seemed a bit too heavy and the overall design was a bit too cluttered.



Event Detail Screen Iteration

The first event detail screen was not leveraging the screen size enough. The solution was to replace the module concept with a simple back button, and expand the screen to full width.



Ticket Screen Iteration

The first ticket screen leaned towards skeuomorphism. This effect dated the look of the app and was changed to a cleaner and more simplified look using the Apple HIG as guidelines.



Augmented Reality Iteration

User testing insights revealed that the augmented reality screen had too much information on it and confused the user. The update was simplified to just the name of the bar.



Finding the Way

Augmented Reality

Research showed that event-goers needed a simple and intuitive way to locate bars, vendors, and friends inside event centers.

Through augmented reality, users are able to leverage the actual event-space to easily navigate through a crowded event.




Custom Iconography

Custom icons were created to maintain brand consistency throughout the app. The icons are meant to be simple yet easy to identify, while not overtaking the user interface.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 8.22.58 PM.png


Our Customer

Understanding where the greatest pain points were helped to understand which issues to solve. Having the capability to go full-circle with transparent pricing was key to building a successful event ticket-buying app.




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