Hendrix Keg Company

Logo, Identity, Marketing Collateral


Hendrix Keg Company makes kegs designed to use like growlers but keep your beer fresh like a mini keg. This project was in partnership with the great folks at Ciacco Consulting.


Logo & Branding


Case Study


When Hendrix Keg Company launched on Kickstarter,  they had the right product and market demand, but their pledges were not rolling in as fast as they thought they would. It seemed like people didn’t take them seriously enough. How do you communicate such a unique compelling innovation through design?

Central to their issue was that the logo did not match the industrial, strong and clean look of the kegs - the logo was not authentic to the brand. Add to it that it had some legibility issues when produced on smaller areas.

Studying the kegs, where the logos needed to be placed and getting an understanding of the thought process behind the engineering of the kegs, I was able to create an identity that was true to their robust, industrial product. The design communicates both the ruggedness and the ingenuity inherent in Hendrix Kegs. They got noticed and saw significant increase in pledges, launching a successful company.