Noosa Yoghurt

The Project
Noosa Yoghurt needed graphics for their farm tour that would create a unique and on-brand user experience for tour visitors.


My Roles
Research, Contextual Inquiry, Environmental Graphics, Iconography, Illustration

The Scope
5 weeks working with project manager and creative director

The Tools
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop



Initial Concepts

Before diving into the research part of the process, Noosa asked that a few mockups of just one wall be created to get the gears turning.

Preliminary insights revealed that tour attendees come from all around the country to experience the unique farm setting.

Keeping in mind that attendees wanted to feel immersed in the farm experience, 6 different farm-themed mockups were created.



Once the style was given the green light, interviews were conducted with Noosa employees to gather insight on the types of people who would be attending the tour.

Touring the facility was a crucial part of the research process. Understanding the layout, rooms, and taking measurements along the way helped add to the data used for each design decision made along the way.

Steps included:

  1. Interviews

  2. Contextual Inquiry

  3. Research Analysis

  4. Iterations

  5. Mockup Testing

Next Steps



Welcome Room Iterations

After interviews were made, and the room measurements were confirmed, the next step was to create concepts for the entire Welcome Room.


Wood and Colors

This iteration leverages wood textures combined with bright Noosa-branded colors.


Stories and Farm Silhouettes

This iteration tells the Noosa story with pictures of the founders.


The Noosa Journey

This playful iteration has a 3D cow butt coming out of the wall, and the other elements tell where the idea of Noosa Yoghurt came from–all the way from Australia.


Lids and Over-sized Objects

Honey is in every container of Noosa, and is a big part of the story. A large spoon and honey stirrer were integrated into this iteration to convey that importance.

The Noosa container lids are also a major identifying part of the brand. Lids that make the Colorado flag was a great blend of what makes Noosa unique.


3D Cow and Bee

Added some fun dimension to the Welcome Room with a 3D cow gave some opportunities for attendees to take photos riding the cow for a better social media presence.


Fruit and the Colorado Flag

Showing off the tasty ingredients Noosa uses was the idea behind this iteration.

The Noosa container lids were kept in this iteration because they they really liked the idea from the previous iteration.



Bringing it Back to the Brand

A lot of perspective was achieved after exploring many routes to go with the designs, but in the end, bringing it back to the core Noosa branding was key.

A 3D lit Noosa sign was included on the wall and the story was added to the large wall on the left.




These tasting cart stations are a huge hit along the tour. They give visitors a chance to try out the delicious ingredients that go into each yoghurt.



There were a lot of iterations with this project, and at times it felt like progress was not being made. But, this project taught me that those iterations led to the final, successful designs. Without those iterations, there could not have been the final result. Exploring all data-backed possibilities gives room to the best solution.



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