Quality Paws Website

The Task
The Quality Paws website needed a way for customers to order pet supplies online for delivery or in-store pickup, learn details about a product before purchase, and change a monthly subscription without going to the store.


My Roles
User Research, Contextual Interviews, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing

The Scope
2 weeks

The Tools
Sketch, InVision, Google Docs



Research Methods

• User Interviews
• Market Research Analysis
• Prototype Testing
• Customer Journey
• Persona
• Information Architecture



Customer Mindsets

Synthesizing customer research defined 2 key mind sets.


The Hyper-Local
“Now that it’s winter, my dog’s skin is getting itchy and dry and I need a natural way to treat it”

The Hyper-Local wants holistic health for their dog, support local businesses, and quality products over price.

The Busy Denverite
“My vet recommended that we switch our monthly food service to a particular brand that won’t make my cat sick”

The Busy Denverite values shopping local, their cat’s health and well being, and spending his time efficiently.



User Flows




screens 2.jpg


The MVP was tested early and often, iterated, and is now ready for the high fidelity mockups.

Next Steps



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