Eric Schroen



Do you know why your business exists? You probably know what and how you do it, but do you know the purpose? Profitability isn’t what sets you apart. Let’s find your “why” through design services with your purpose in mind. Here are some of the graphic design services offered.



Brand Identity

Do you know how you appear to your users, customers, or even your employees? Brand Identity is about how you are visually communicating why you are, who you are, and what sets you apart. It’s not just a logo. It’s the whole of your company in color, design, iconography, and visual messaging.



Book Design

Like Brand Identity, book design communicates a holistic compelling visual story. Books are indeed judged by their cover so make sure yours gets read through a worthwhile design.



Editorial Design

It can be hard to know what to expect to pay for your design needs, especially when it comes to editorial design. The range is wide because the level of work and time varies drastically. A Spot, small drawing, is ink and paper backed by real skills. But if you are going big with Full Cover, there’s significant time and iteration involved included with ink and skillful experience.



Environmental Graphics

Simple window clings, a complex mural wrap, or a series of multiple banners communicating a bigger story – all of it is design with a purpose, connecting the intention with a solid visual communication.



Exhibition Design

When you are looking for solid exhibition design you know the size and scale influence costs. This isn’t your kid’s foam board science fair display kind of work. Sherman St. Studio partners with you to produce excellently designed exhibitions with transparent costs, no matter how big or small you want to go.



Logo Design

Generally there are 3 types of logos: wordmark, pictorial, and abstract. A wordmark is a logo made out of letters that say the name of the company. A pictorial logo often functions as a symbol of the company name. An abstract logo is usually a shape or symbol that represents a company in a non-literal way. Either way, a truly great logo needs to work big, small, in color, black and white, and in all necessary applications.




What your product looks like on the shelf can make or break somebody from purchasing it. Attractiveness, uniqueness, and effectiveness are three important traits that your packaging should have. Like books, product packaging is judged by it's cover – let's make sure yours gets picked up off the shelf.



Web Design

A successful website should have a great first impression, simple and clear navigation, mobile-friendly experience, and a solid design that is true to the rest of your branding. I build websites using Squarespace or Wix which are cost effective and give you freedom to make simple edits yourself, rather than having a web designer manage the site every time you need an update.